The best apps to help with revision

Your students’ mobiles can be a force for good; check out our top teacher-recommended revision apps

Grainne Hallahan

Will banning mobile phones compromise pupils’ futures?

As exam season approaches, it’s time to turn the omnipresent smartphone from an unwanted distraction into a powerful study aid.

We turned to Twitter to ask teachers for their revision app recommendations.

Seneca Learn

If you’re after research-backed revision methods, Seneca Learn is for you. The app is backed by neuroscientists, can set homework in under 30 seconds and tracks student progress for you. Plus it’s free and covers key stages 3 to 5.


This revision app boasts mostly free content and covers GCSE, A level, International Baccalaureate, iGCSE, Common Entrance and more.

It’s a quizzing app with instant feedback and detailed explanations of any errors. The quizzes are specific to the exam board, so you can be confident that students are revising relevant topics.

The tracker is super helpful for students when identifying areas they need to focus on (something that is notoriously difficult for students to self-evaluate).


This little gem of an app allows students to make their own quiz flashcards as well as using ones made by others. 

We have some useful articles on using Quizlet in religious studies and geography, and if you go over to our Tes Quizlet hub, you’ll find heaps of resources for KS3 and 4 for a host of subjects.


If you want a revision app that covers every exam board, with teacher tools and parental functions, try GCSE Pod. There’s a handy GCSE Pod YouTube channel to guide you through using the app (which is straightforward anyway).


If learning languages and vocabulary is your focus, Memrise is worth checking out, says Tes contributor and ed-tech expert Claire Lotriet. 

“I had a go at an introduction to Japanese course. It showed me and tested me on the basic vocabulary related to greetings first, but then it did something a bit different,” she says.

“You can click on the optional ‘Help me to remember this’ button, which allows you to select a ‘mem’ – an image, essentially – that relates to that particular word and should, theoretically, help you remember it.”

Key Cards Revision for Maths and Science

At the moment, this app is just for maths and science, and comes at a small cost (£1.99 for each) but it packs in lots of quality quizzes, with the intelligent design built in to re-test on questions you have previously answered incorrectly.

Get Revising

Being organised about revision is key, and Get Revising’s Study Planner tool can be a huge help. The user-friendly tool lets you create a colour-coded plan in minutes (which can be printed), and it will send you reminders.

Visit our revision hub to say goodbye to stress during exam season. It’s packed with tips, tricks and techniques that can help set your students on the path to success.

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Grainne Hallahan

Grainne Hallahan

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