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Blitz on old footage brings war to life

Children from Gilmourton Primary in South Lanarkshire used Scotland on Screen footage of Glasgow during the Second World War to create a film about an evacuee who attended the school.

They uncovered the child's story while looking through the school's log book. It transpired that the youngster had travelled to the countryside from Clydebank, escaping the blitz, but died after being hit by a milk van.

The pupils created a film, beginning with their discovery of the girl's story. In it, she continues to haunt the school and, when pupils follow her ghost, they find themselves taken back in time.

To perfect the setting for the historical scenes, the youngsters acted in front of a green screen and then superimposed their images onto old footage of 1940s Scotland. This included a silent news film by Paramount News in 1941, which contained footage of the aftermath of the Clydebank Blitz; a film from 1942 showing emergency services reacting to a gas raid alarm; and a film made at Knightswood Primary in Glasgow in 1940 showing children how to use a respirator during an air raid.

While in the past, the children stop the evacuee making the train journey which led to the accident. On their return to the present, they do not know if they have succeeded in saving her until they arrive at school to find an old lady giving a talk about the war. She was the little girl they read about in the log.

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