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Breaktime - Yoofspeak

Froggle (n)

Froggle (n)

Means: A younger child, particularly a hyperactive or otherwise irritating one

Usage: "I can't concentrate with these froggles running around me all the time."

One of the worst things about being a yoof is having to put up with even younger youngsters, and Yoofspeak has a rich vocabulary to distinguish between them. Liccle babies and toddlers are "babbers" or "yukkers". Younger siblings who stop you enjoying yourself are "anchors". Obnoxious sisters are "blisters", really annoying kids of either gender are "festers", but all of the above are covered by the latest favourite, "froggle" (not to be confused with "froglet", the real name for a young frog, or "Fraggle", a 1980s Muppet). Where did it come from? There's a friendly green monster called Froggle who entertains toddlers at the Lakeside Centre, Thurrock. It's also the name of a kids' party-planning service and a junior videogame. Not surprisingly, the same term is used to diss a fellow teen considered weak or weedy: "Evan's well soft, he's just a froggle."

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