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Connexions with public relations?

You have to hand it to Connexions, the government-run advice service for the nation's youth.

The national network of offices around the country is running like a well-oiled engine if their reaction to a recent FE Focus website poll is anything to go by.

When we asked people to vote on whether they thought Connexions is doing a good job, we were inundated with "yes" votes from, er Connexions.

Within one two-hour period, Cornwall and Devon Connexions' computer network was used to enter more than 4,000 yes votes. This accounted for most of the votes across the whole country.

We were flattered to think our website was so popular but how were so many votes entered in such a short space of time?

More in hope than expectation, we asked Connexions' press relations professionals if they could explain.

Funnily enough, they couldn't. But said that the outfit is concerned about its image after recent press coverage.

How curious they should mention this. Could there be any "Connexion"?

It would seem so.

Anne Weinstock, chief executive of Connexions, has come clean. She said:

"One of the London chief executives saw it and notified all the other chief executives.

"Jenny (that'll be local Connexions chief executive Jenny Rudge) from Cornwall and Devon sent it on to all her outlets and I think all the youngsters got busy."

Now that's what I call joined-up government.

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