Coronavirus: Which college campuses are being closed?

This guide to temporary UK college closures related to Covid-19 will be updated regularly

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Is your college closing to students because of coronavirus?

On Wednesday evening, it was confirmed that colleges, along with schools, will be expected to remain closed from Friday afternoon onwards, until further notice.

But, as the coronavirus risk heightens across the UK, some colleges have already taken action and moved to remote learning for staff and students.

We will keep an up-to-date list of short-term college closures for reference. If your college has closed and it is not on the list, please contact or


Bradford College

Date closed: 18 March

From 18 – 20 March, a statement from the college states that "teaching and learning is being temporarily suspended in order to enable our teaching staff to plan towards a move to online and alternative learning. 

"Whilst there is no current directive for schools and colleges to close, the college believes that this situation will change in the coming days/weeks, and we will need to prepare and have plans in place for this scenario and to be able to continue to deliver our services to students in the short and longer-term."

"Staff and students are being supported to start studying and working from home as part of our business continuity plans." The statement adds: "The college will suspend all classes for students for the next 3 days (only) including evening classes’ onsite and in the community to allow staff to prepare online and alternative learning and resources."

City of Liverpool College

Date closed: 19 March

The college will move to online learning for all classroom-based students for the final two weeks of term, with face-to-face lessons ceasing at the end of Wednesday 18 March.

In a statement, the college said: "The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) remains accessible to all students and we encourage you to use the next two weeks to access the online learning resources ahead of the summer term and any exams and other assessments for your course."

The college currently intends to reopen on the week commencing 20 April.

The Sheffield College, South Yorkshire

Date closed: 20 March

The Sheffield College announced on 17 March that the college would move to remote learning for students by 20 March. 

In a statement, the college said: "The college’s executive leadership team has taken this decision today following Public Health England’s latest guidance on social distancing announced yesterday.

"Staff and student safety is our number one priority. Given that we have around 13,000 learners a year, based across six sites, it is important that we look at how we are working to ensure we keep everyone safe."

There is no return date set yet. 

Kendal College, Cumbria 

Date closed: 18 March for students, 23 March for staff

On 20 March, Kendal College also announced it would close its site to students and staff by 23 March. 

In a statement, college principal Kelvin Nash said: "The increased isolation of our staff has now meant that as a college we can no longer provide sufficient cover for some of our provision, or offer our learners the quality of delivery, service, and standards that they should expect from their education provider."

The college is expected to reopen on 14 April. 

Leeds City College (Enfield Centre), West Yorkshire

Date closed: 17 March

Leeds College has announced that it will close it's Enfield Centre for two weeks as a "precautionary measure". 

It plans to reopen on 30 March, and all other Leeds College sites will remain open.

Gateway College, Leicestershire 

Date closed: 23 March 

A statement on the college’s website says: “We do expect that learning will continue to take place remotely and ask that students continue their students undertaking revision and completing the work that has been, and will continue to be set for them.  Tutors and teachers will continue to make regular contact with students, and tutors will be contacting their tutor groups regularly to ensure that independent study is taking place.”

The college is expected to reopen on 20 April.

King Edward VI College, Warwickshire 

Data closed: 23 March

A statement says that the college will be “closed to all staff and students until at least the end of this term 3 April.”

It has no reopen date yet.

Hartlepool College, Durham

Date closed: 18 March

A statement on the college website says: “Many of the new measures focus on suppressing social gatherings and with a college staff/student community of circa 5000 people, we feel it is our moral duty to take the necessary actions to safeguard staff, students and visitors.

"With this in mind, the College will cease face-to-face teaching and this will apply to lessons due to commence from 18 March 2020.”

The college is expected to reopen on 20 April.

Middlesbrough College, North Yorkshire

Date closed: 18 March 

A statement on the college website says: "We have spent many years building up an excellent suite of online resources and virtual learning environments and coupled with our highly trained staff we are confident that with your support, we can ensure you successfully complete and excel in your studies.  

"These are truly unprecedented times and I wish you and your families good health and calm spirits.

"If we can offer one piece of advice during this testing time it would be this: Remember to take time every day to do something for your body, your mind and your soul."

There is no return date set yet. 

Ada national college for digital skills, London

Date closed: 17 March

A statement on the college website says: "We shall continue to deliver a full timetable and curriculum of learning, running our days around normal lesson times. We expect students and staff to be logged in to the appropriate learning platform at the time of their lessons. Staff have been trained on adapting teaching, learning, and assessment to the online learning process."

There is no return date set yet. 

Nottingham College, East Midlands 

Remote learning from: 23 March

A statement of the college website says: "Learners who cannot access online resources from home will need to speak to their tutors who will make alternative arrangements.

These are unprecedented times and the College is doing its best to ensure that learners can successfully complete their studies. New materials and resources are being created all the time and teachers will continue to add and update our online learning portals to ensure you continue to receive relevant and stimulating learning materials."

There is no return date set yet. 


North East Scotland College

The college suspended face to face teaching on 17 March but premises will remain open to students until Friday 20 March. 

Ayrshire College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 18 March

Ayrshire College has suspended face to face teaching on 18 March and is currently planning to recommence that on 20 April 2020. 

Borders College

Closed: 23 March

With effect from Monday 23 March 2020 all college buildings will be closed to staff and students. 

Forth Valley College

Closed: 17 March

All campuses are currently closed until further notice in order for enhanced cleaning to be carried out - this includes evening and training courses.

Dumfries & Galloway College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 17 March

As of the close of business on 17 March, Dumfries and Galloway College paused face to face teaching.

Edinburgh College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 16 March

College took the decision to suspend all face-to-face classes from 16 March until Monday 20 April.

Fife College

Closed: 20 March

All Fife College campuses, will be temporarily closed to all students, from 20 March at 6pm.

Glasgow Kelvin College, Glasgow Clyde College and City of Glasgow College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 17 March

The three Glasgow colleges suspended face-to-face teaching on 17 March. 

The University of the Highlands and Islands

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 17 March

The UHI colleges all suspended the delivery of face-to-face teaching, including video conference classes and placement activities, on 17 March. Learning Centres, student support and library services, remain open and staff will be available in centres to support students.

South Lanarkshire College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 17 March

The college ceased all face-to-face teaching from on 17 March and students will be updated on ongoing arrangements week beginning 23 March. Student support funding will continue during this period.

New College Lanarkshire

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 17 March

All face-to-face teaching at New College Lanarkshire ceased from 17 March.  All students will receive communication on Monday 23 March on the college's next steps, and student funding will not be affected.

Dundee and Angus College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 17 March

Face to face teaching and college attendance for students was suspended on 17 March 2020. 

West College Scotland

Closed: 20 March

The college will shut its buildings from close of business on 20 March. 

West Lothian College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 17 March

West Lothian College stopped face-to-face teaching on 17th March. Student bursary and childcare payments will not be affected. 

Newbattle Abbey College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 20 March

The college is carrying out a phased reduction of face to face learning over the next few days, ending on 20th March until further notice. Where possible this will be replaced with online learning.

Scotland's Rural College

Stopped face-to-face teaching: 20 March

Scotland’s Rural College is suspending face-to-face group teaching from 6pm on 20 March.



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