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Section A (reading response to media texts)

Did I:

* answer at appropriate length for the number of marks offered?

* give the right sort of information in reply to each question? If not, where did I go wrong?

* explicitly refer to key words from the question?

* show that I know the difference between a fact, an opinion, and an opinion presented as a fact?

* analyse pictorial evidence in sufficient detail?

* quote to support points about language?

* use my own words to summarise key points of content?

* show that I understand the importance of structure in a text?

Section B (writing to argue, persuade or advise)

Did I:

* choose the best question to answer?

* write at sufficient length?

* paragraph sensibly?

* adopt the right tone?

* use logic and structure for an argued response?

* use appropriate discourse markers?

* use language as sophisticated as I was able to use with confidence?

* open and close my essay in a stylish manner?

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