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Cynical gloss on good news

Like many, we look forward to Professor Wragg's sharp and witty observations in the "Last Word" column. However, one of the dangers of cynicism is that good news can be overlooked.

We are three of the four Liverpool heads who recently underwent a pilot inspection led by Her Majesty's Inspectorate under the new Office for Standards in Education regime.

We had an experience that was very different from the old regime. The HMIs were utterly professional in their approach, sensitive to the schools'

needs and keen to work closely with us. The administrative burden was substantially lessened. The stress for our staff was likewise much less than under the old arrangements. HMIs were prepared to listen to our thoughts on the process, and to make changes accordingly. In short, we came away with the impression that this inspection was something that was done "with" us, not "to" us.

So come on, Professor Wragg: let's not bury good news under a mound of amusing cynicism.

SC Brierley Archbishop Blanch school

Sister B Halligan Bellerive school

S Tittershill Blue Coat school, Liverpool

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