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EBac defeatism ignores the success stories

Graham Stuart is wrong to claim that the EBac will have a detrimental effect on "working-class kids" ("EBac will disadvantage 'working-class kids', argues top MP", 17 June). We are obsessed with creating alternative routes for those who "can't succeed" on a particular track. But some schools with disadvantaged intakes are showing that many more children can succeed on academic routes, which is clearly in their interest.

These schools may be the exception, but we should focus on why this is and what we can do to encourage the growth of this currently exceptional behaviour throughout the system. The quality of teaching, driven by the quality of leadership and management, is key to this.

It is easy to argue that many pupils don't get five A*-Cs and therefore most can't get the EBac. But most can get five A*-Cs - they just don't in our current system. It is this we need to address.

Dale Bassett, Research director, Reform, London.

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