Exclusive: Missing IB results condemned as a ‘disgrace’

Students left with grades 'pending', says shocked school leader: ‘Can you imagine that on A-level results day?’

Catherine Lough

IB results day 2020: Some International Baccalaureate students are still missing their grades

Some students who were supposed to receive International Baccalaureate results yesterday have been left in limbo with their grades "pending".

Results for the IB were released yesterday, but students have reported unhappiness with the grading process, and some candidates are still waiting for final grades. 

Hundreds of students have called for new grades after they were disappointed by receiving much lower grades than expected. Results this year were calculated based on teacher-predicted grades, historical data and internal assessments after exams were cancelled following the coronavirus outbreak, but students have criticised the grading process online.

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David James, deputy head at Bryanston School in Dorset, told Tes last night: "Amazingly, there are students who have not received all their grades: some students still have 'pending' next to their grades. So although the IB claim they have published all results, they haven’t. Can you imagine that happening on A-level results day?"

IB results day 2020: Students still waiting for grades

Today Mr James tweeted his concerns to the International Baccalaureate, saying that schools have also yet to receive component marks, and branding the situation a "disgrace". 

An IB spokesperson said: "The IB is aware of a small number of IB World Schools stating that some May 2020 Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) candidates are yet to receive their results, which are pending."

"If “P” appears in the place of a grade next to a subject, it means that the Assessment Division at the IB Global Centre, Cardiff, does not have sufficient information to issue a grade.

"This usually means that the IB World School has not submitted certain information required for issue of results; for example, confirming that creative, activity and service (CAS) requirements have been completed, or responding to requests from the IB for further information. The grade will be issued as soon as possible once the missing information is received.

"For the May 2020 session the number of candidates with pending grades is lower than the past two sessions."

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