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Smartphone apps make you smart

Primary pupils who use educational apps on smartphones or tablet computers perform better in school, according to research commissioned by Encyclopaedia Britannica. More than half of parents with mobile devices encourage their children to download apps for revision, homework or to learn about new topics. Two-thirds of parents would like to see more apps developed, the research found.

Now Mr Thorne can monitor pupils

Teachers who use the popular Mr Thorne Does Phonics resources will be able to keep track of how pupils are performing with a new link-up to Classroom Monitor, an assessment tool. Classroom Monitor's online markbook will help teachers to monitor pupils' progress, set targets and identify areas for improvement.

Here's an intelligent suggestion

UniServity has launched the Life Learning Cloud, an online learning space where teachers and pupils can access tools and resources and share content with friends or colleagues. The learning platform includes an intelligent suggestion engine that will present material users may find useful. Schools can access it via cloud computing technology, eliminating the need to install or purchase new hardware. or www.facebook.comlifeisabout.

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