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Make Do and Mend Puppet Game

What's the game?

Interactive activities are fun, engaging and bring lessons and learning to life. Even better are those you can take away from the screen to create yourself. Firstsite has created an online Make Do and Mend Puppet Game full of quirky characters and innovative ideas, which is aimed at children aged five to 11.

How can it be used?

It's a great way to explore group learning with your pupils and promotes recycling and reuse of materials. Start by creating a puppet: drag-and-drop clothing and features for characters like Sylvia Spoon (made from a wooden spoon). Then choose what kind of recycler your puppet is going to be before replicating them in real life for a class display or project.

The game is interactive, easy to use and encourages children to think creatively (with some recycling awareness, too). You can download a PDF version as a tool to help you create your puppets for real.

Aimee Fagan

What else?


For more puppet-making ideas try NGfLCymru's PowerPoint, with accompanying teachers' notes and worksheets.

Ss1972 has shared a popular puppet-design booklet, which is getting rave reviews.

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