Keeping children safe online – Tes' safeguarding special issue as a free download

After we published our safeguarding special online issue on 13 October, we received a huge number of requests from teachers to make it available as a PDF that can be shared with colleagues and parents

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Since the Tes safeguarding special online issue was published last week, we have received a huge response from the education profession. For the first time ever, we had made the entire special issue available for free, as we believe it is our duty to provide teachers with this essential information. 

A huge number of teachers asked if we could provide the material in an accessible format that could be sent to parents. We were happy to oblige, so below is a link to a downloadable version of the magazine that can either be sent to parents electronically or printed and distributed. 

Click here to download the special issue

The online sex threat

Included in this issue are: 

  • An exclusive look into the work carried out by the Metropolitan Police's "paedophile unit", tasked with combating online sex crimes against children;
  • An interview with Lorin LaFave, whose 14-year-old son was groomed online and murdered;
  • A teacher's guide to the dark web;
  • Advice on what to do when pornography is brought into schools;
  • Guidance on how pupils can help you fight online threats;
  • The story of a student who transformed tech into a way to beat cyberbullying;
  • An approach to a classroom discussion on the ethics of pornography.


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