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Matthew, Rachel and Eilidh, S4, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they find embarrassing

Matthew, Rachel and Eilidh, S4, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they find embarrassing

Eilidh: Sometimes it's embarrassing when you say something really loud and you don't realise people are listening.

Rachel: Or singing while listening to your iPod!

Matthew: I find it embarrassing if I ask a really stupid question in front of a teacher and the whole class turns round and looks at you. I can't think of a recent one - I try to limit them, actually.

Eilidh: Or when they ask you a question and you completely don't know the answer at all. I go to my music lesson, and I have not practised, so I can't play it, and it's awkward, just standing there.

Matthew: One of my teachers tries to make a lot of jokes sometimes, and you just put on that fake laugh.

Rachel: One of my friends turned pretty orange. Totally orange face. And she was like, "Do I look orange?" And I was like, "Yes." I think it was just a new make-up and it was kind of a different shade to what she normally wore.

Eilidh: I would rather tell my friends the truth.

Rachel: I would mainly tell them. It depends on the situation, though.

Eilidh: Teachers sometimes wear see-through trousers. White trousers and dark underwear, so you can see it.

Rachel: You don't want to embarrass people in front of everybody, so you have to tell people discreetly.

Eilidh: And it depends who you are telling. I would definitely tell all my friends if something had happened or was slightly embarrassing. With my parents, it would depend on the situation.

Rachel: My dad got this funny hat, and I was like, "You cannot wear that, you just cannot wear it." He seemed to like it, and I'm like, "I really don't like it." Matthew: I'd tell my parents if they did something embarrassing.

Rachel: When people tell you you have done something embarrassing, it's awkward at first, but then usually you're kind of like, "At least they told you."

Eilidh: Yeah, before you went round any further.

Matthew: Sometimes if someone does something embarrassing, depending on how bad it is, you might be more inclined to tell them.

Rachel: Boys seem to laugh at themselves more.

Eilidh: Yeah, girls take it to heart more.

Rachel: Girls tend to laugh quite a lot, but at the time they tend to take it quite personally, more than boys. Maybe because girls are more self- conscious.

Eilidh: They are so aware of what they're doing, and what they look like.

Rachel: Girls always have to wear different clothes, different dresses. Boys can wear the same sort of stuff.

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