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Marran and Michaela, P1, talk to Julia Belgutay about their first days at school

Marran and Michaela, P1, talk to Julia Belgutay about their first days at school

Marran: It's fine. I like it. I like playing with my friends. And I like playing with toys. I have made some new friends, and they're fine.

Michaela: I like drawing. And playing with my friends. We have learned the letter "S" already.

Marran: And we had to write some letters. It wasn't hard. I'm rather good at easy-peasy doing letters. Lemon Squeezy.

Michaela: With a cherry on top. It's all been quite easy so far. We'll learn how to read a book this year.

Marran: I've got loads of books at my house.

Michaela: I've got lotser more than you.

Marran: Well, there's a book shelf, too.

Michaela: I"ve got one down the stairs in the living room.

Marran: But I have two. We'll also learn to draw pictures. Maybe do a fairy or something. My teeth are wobbly.

Michaela: I have a dog at my house and it's white and it's fluffy.

Marran: Guess what. My auntie has a dog called Ava, and she's only a wee pup.

Michaela: What age is she?

Marran: I don't know what age.

Michaela: I know what age my dog is. Three months old.

Marran: After school, I'm going to visit my auntie. Last night, there was a spider in her sink.

Michaela: I think school is different to nursery. It hasn't got painting. And you have to behave better.

Marran: I think it's the same, because when I went to nursery, I was a wee girl, I was shy. I was actually shy when I was a wee girl. I was going to visit it. Next week maybe. I'm not shy now. Sometimes. Oh, I can hear the rain. I'm glad I've got big socks on.

Michaela: I've got bigger socks. And I've got an umbrella.

Marran: I didn't bring an umbrella. I like school better than nursery, because it's different. There's a shop near our school and I play in it sometimes, and a wee girl came by and tried to steal all the money. She absolutely did. I didn't have any more money left.

Michaela: I like nursery better, `cos you get to paint. You don't get to paint much in school.

Marran: I feel more grown up now than in nursery. Well, I'm not in Primary 6 yet.

Michaela: When I'll be in Primary 3 my wee sister will start in P1. She is only one.

Marran: I'm five. Guess what. About my cat. Last night. He scratched me. He is called Flynn. Sometimes I call him Flynn Rider. That's from Rapunzel.

Michaela: My wee dog is called Coco. Sometimes I call him butterfly.

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