KS2 Sats week explained in 17 gifs

One assistant head offers a more lighthearted view of Sats week though the medium of gifs

Claire Lotriet

How to cope with difficult weeks in school when nothing seems to be going right

Sats week is almost over. And as the week of statutory assessments nears its end, I thought I would offer some light relief by summing up the experience of being a Year 6 teacher at the start of May through a few GIFs.


  1. The papers arrive…


  2. And you wonder where the year has gone – how can it be Sats week again already?


  3. You quadruple check that everything that’s on the delivery note is in the boxes, and then you reseal them in record time


  4. And then you lock the papers away securely – really securely...


  5.  You then remember that classroom displays have to be covered up or removed...


  6. And you carry out the final equipment check 


  7.  Suddenly, it is Monday morning. 


  8. …but it’s time to get down to business – you’ve got this!


  9. You hope the children will arrive each day well rested and ready, but...


  10. You take one look at the reading paper and immediately woinder how it was written for 10- and 11-year-olds


  11. And the English grammar, punctuation and spelling (EGPS) test has questions about the past progressive tense that many adults probably couldn’t answer…


  12. Despite all your efforts to keep a sense of perspective about things, some children may inevitably be feeling nervous


  13.  However, you breathe deep and remain zen…


  14. You hope that your chilled out state keeps the children calm, too


  15. Thursday night arrives and you should be ready to celebrate! You made it!


  16.  But the reality is a little more...



17.  And that’s when you remember that you now have mere weeks and a budget of £11.50 to get the year 6 leavers' production to up to West End quality. Riiight…





Claire Lotriet is an assistant headteacher at Henwick Primary School in London. She is the Tes ed-tech columnist and tweets @OhLottie



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Claire Lotriet

Claire Lotriet

Claire Lotriet is assistant headteacher at Henwick Primary School in London and a teaching & learning, assessment, computing and enterprise coordinator

Find me on Twitter @OhLottie

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