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Letters extra: teacher union heads are out of touch

Three and a half per cent is an insult. As for Nigel de Gruchy's comments - I don't know about keeping heads above water, but many of my teacher colleagues are going to swim away to other better paid jobs, far from the crazy cost of living in the south east.

Has Mr de Gruchy's retirement package mellowed his views? When did Mr de Gruchy or Doug McAvoy last visit a school and talk to classroom teachers? When did they last teach a class of children or young adults?

I am told these union bosses are all due to retire on fat-cat settlements within the next year. Good riddance I say, but we do need a new leader of one professional association for all teachers. I would suggest someone from outside the world of education.

David Hart was a solicitor, I believe, and has an objective viewpoint for his NAHT.

Teacher union bosses are all refugees from the classroom, running expensive quangos often for their own ends and not in the interests ofnbsp;hard working teachers.

A J Grieg
London SW4

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