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More fightback, less sniping

What a shame your anonymous correspondent ("Standing out from the crowd", 7 October) chose to use the marvellous but soggy STUC People First march in Glasgow to display their ignorance rather than call for a bigger and better fightback. The whole point of the march through Glasgow was to highlight the damage being done to our public services by the cuts, which are being made to pay for the continuing financial crisis. We need a united fightback and this kind of childish sniping gets us nowhere.

It is regrettable that the SSTA chose not to join the demonstration; there was a small contingent from the NASUWT. The SSTA's absence does not make us stronger; it perhaps reflects its decision not to join the forthcoming pensions strike. On 30 November, millions of public-sector workers across Britain are planning to take action against the attacks on our pensions.

As for your correspondent's attack on ReclaimEIS, I think he might find that the Voice is the publication of the Scottish Socialist Party. ReclaimEIS hasn't gone away; I know many of its supporters marched proudly behind their EIS banner in the rain and I am sure its supporters will be encouraged by the EIS leader's recent determination to fight on the issue of pensions. However, forgive us if we think you might do another shoddy deal at the SNCT on McCormac.

Andrew Fullwood, EIS council member South Lanarkshire and ReclaimEIS supporter (personal capacity), Rodil Avenue, Glasgow.

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