Oddly Enough - Teacher in briefs has support

Readers may recall last week's picture of Marvyn Williams, the eye- catching Yorkshire PE teacher who appeared on Channel 4's reality show Shipwrecked recently.

Now we have unearthed yet another strapping games master who has found television fame.

Rhys Uhlich, who teaches at a primary school in Melbourne, Australia, prompted outrage from parents' groups when he posed in swimming briefs with a 19-year-old woman on his lap during an episode of Make Me A Supermodel.

The Australian Family Association said Mr Uhlich was helping to generate "toxic messages" that drive young girls to eating disorders.

Thankfully, Mr Uhlich's headteacher - a woman - has spoken out in support of her dashing employee.

"He's a very popular teacher with the staff, students and parents, and we can't wait to have him back at school," said Joan Janssen.

Mr Uhlich has also hit back, saying: "It would be naive to think that in the modelling world people don't do shots in their underwear. It's all part and parcel of that."

Or part of the package, at least.

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