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A resourceful approach to the new national curriculum

“Thirteen weeks holiday a year - that’s not too bad, is it?”

Of all the myths about teaching, this is one of the biggest. Those people who believe in it don’t see you standing on a chair in your classroom with staple gun in hand, trimming each display board with a wavy border. They don’t bear witness to you sweating over medium-term plans at your kitchen table while, somewhere out there, your students are off playing in the sun.

With September 2014 bringing the implementation of a brand new curriculum, summer planning threatens to be particularly heavy this year. While the nuts and bolts of what you teach may remain the same, new objectives mean that there will be lesson plans to tweak, schemes of work to reorganise and, in some cases, completely new resources to create.

TES has been working with a team of teachers to seek out existing free content from our resources bank and map this to the statutory objectives of the 2014 curriculum for all subjects at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 and non-examined subjects at Key Stage 4.

The documents are nothing fancy; each clearly lays out the curriculum objectives and provides clickable links to relevant resources that are ready-to-use or easy-to-adapt.

It is ultimately down to each individual teacher to find their own way with a new curriculum and to apply the statutory guidance in a style that best suits the needs of their classes. But at this early stage, when you might not have had time to develop your own resources to meet new objectives, these documents will help you to be up-to-date and Ofsted-ready from the very start of the year.

While the summer holidays are indeed a time for teachers to enjoy a well-deserved break, it is unrealistic to assume that the work stops for six weeks and only starts again when term begins. Why not make the most of what’s left of your summer by accepting a helping hand from the TES community?

Download curriculum 2014 resources for all subjects from our new curriculum homepage and watch this space for support for the new Key Stage 4 objectives that are to be introduced in 2015.

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