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Rising star - Anne Ratsey


Anne is senior leader for standards and achievements at Southwater Junior School, West Sussex.


Anne joined the school in 2001 as a classroom teacher, progressing through the ranks to become year leader, English subject leader, and now senior leader for standards and achievements.

As English subject leader, Anne has made a huge impact, raising attainment and achievement for pupils. She has implemented a system where portfolios of exemplary work are produced. This has helped define criteria for levelling pupils' work and acts as a model for new members of staff, demonstrating what is expected from pupils.

Colleagues describe Anne as having a gift for merging the emotional learning environment with the subject-led curriculum, encouraging pupils to perform to the best of their abilities and ensuring they are ready to learn.

Anne is popular among pupils and staff and is credited with being incredibly intuitive and receptive, and a great team player. Her ability to form outstanding relationships is one of her key qualities, and her support of change and initiative has not gone unnoticed.

Nominated by?

Simon Wood, headteacher, who says: "Anne is an invaluable member of our leadership team and must be congratulated on her insightful understanding of how to ensure the highest expectations of pupils are continually strived for. I have no doubt she will make an excellent headteacher when the time comes, and would definitely recommend her for NPQH in the future."

Thanks to the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services for nominating this week's rising star. Send in your one to watch to, including 300 words and a picture.

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