Scottish election 2021: Lib Dem manifesto for education

The Liberal Democrats want play-based education until age 7 and for teachers to earn at least £30,000 a year

Henry Hepburn

Scottish election 2021: Lib Dem manifesto for education

The Liberal Democrats have today launched their manifesto for the 6 May Scottish Parliament election.

Scottish Parliament election 2021: The Lib Dems' pledges on education

Here are some of the Lib Dems' key manifesto commitments on education:

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Scottish election 2021: SNP manifesto for education

Scottish election 2021: Greens’ manifesto for education

  • An "immediate term-time expansion of outdoor learning and increased provision of residential outdoor education", including "experiences [to] increase understanding of the climate emergency" and a guarantee that every primary and secondary school pupil has at least one week away at an outdoor centre.
  • Increase support given in initial teacher education (ITE) for teaching about the climate emergency.
  • New programme of supported S4-S6 study (optional for both staff and pupils), "guided by the judgement of class teachers" and to include "a financial bonus for those who lead them".
  • A legal right to defer when a child starts primary school, with "funded early learning and childcare starting this August, removing the £4,500 price tag that the current government has left hanging over families [who defer]".
  • Increase the 1,140 hours entitlement to early learning and childcare to include all two-year-olds, with "an ambition to extend funded early education and childcare hours to one-year-olds.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: “Liberal Democrats will put recovery first, not independence.

“That means an NHS recovery plan. It means a greater priority for mental health with extra counsellors, mental health first aiders and specialists for easy access near to you.

“Bounce-back support for pupils, employing more permanent teachers to cut class sizes and extend free nursery education to all two-year-olds.

“Creating more jobs and taking action on the climate with one million low-cost, low-carbon homes, a young people’s job guarantee and £5,000 training grants.

“That’s what you get when you put recovery first.”

The SNP and the Scottish Greens have also this week published their manifestos for the 6 May Scottish Parliament election.

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