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Sick bay spinning

COMMISERATIONS to David Blunkett's missing spin doctor, Conor Ryan. Seconded to the sinking ship that is Frank Dobson's mayoral campaign, he has now succumbed to appendicitis.

Conor appeared at work three weeks ago looking grim. Within four days, doctors had whipped his appendix out and he's now recuperating at home.

He'll go straight back to the DFEE, to sighs of relief at Sanctuary buildings where thy miss Conor's steadying hand.

That hasn't stopped a reportedly perky and ever-professional Conor firing off the odd e-mail to the campaign team from his sick bed whenever a great thought hits him. Sadly, Dobbo remains predicted to lose next week's nomination vote.

Blunkett visited Conor last weekend to wish him a speedy recovery. The Diary can only echo the sentiment. Get well soon, Conor.

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