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Soundbite;Parting Shots

It is a drama lesson, and Arthur and Craig are driving an imaginary car. Deep into planning a scene, they both run up breathless:

"Can we swear?"

"What do you want to say?"

They tell me the word.

"No," I say, "You can't say that word. You'll have to use something similar but acceptable." The boys look at each other, shrug and run back to the group.

When it is their turn to show their piece of drama, Arthur (who has apparently been caught shoplifting) runs up to Craig and yells, "Oh, No Mate! You and me's really in the organic manure now!" We pay pound;30 for each soundbite published. Send yours, of about 200 words, to Sarah Bayliss, The TES Admiral House, 66-68 East SmithfieldLondon E1 9XY. Fax: 0171 782 3200Web site:

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