Stop ignoring obesity crisis

Your report (November 14) on Michael Gard's assertions at the conference "Childhood Obesity: working together for a healthier future" highlights the sad fact that many people continue to ignore the risk of an obesity crisis.

Almost a fifth of boys and 14 per cent of girls aged two to 15 in Scotland are obese, and recent data from the Scottish Public Health Observatory shows that the rise in obesity is continuing.

That's why British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland is launching the fourth phase of its Food4Thought campaign. To get children thinking about their health, the charity has developed the Yoobot - an online game which allows children to understand the long-term effects of a poor diet.

Thousands of children in 229 Scottish secondary schools will be receiving a Yoobot. The aim is to educate and empower children to make healthier, more informed food choices.

Eating junk food as part of an everyday diet is putting our children's hearts and long-term health at risk. There is no room for complacency and we must act now to tackle this.

Ben McKendrick, policy and public affairs manager, British Heart Foundation Scotland

Andy Carver, prevention and care adviser, British Heart Foundation Scotland.

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