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Talking heads

Anne Wallage, Newlands primary, Normanton, near Wakefield: "We didn't expect the Prime Minister to come so we thought there must have been good reason.

"But he didn't say much. It gave me the impression he was just here to do some vote-catching."

Hazel Bullock, head of Nevilles Cross primary, Durham: "The workforce agreement is fantastic but the bottom line is that I need proper ringfenced funding to implement it. It looks as if we will have used up our reserves by 200506 just as we need more money to introduced the planning and preparation time."

Andy Chapman, head of Marston Thorolds Charity primary, near Grantham: "We need to stay in the workforce agreement. If we came out there would be nobody to speak up for primary managers."

Heather Guy, acting head at Whitchurch high, Cardiff: "I don't think the Government is financially committed to funding the workload agreement, I don't think it has grasped the size of the task and that goes for Wales as well."

Jill Hamilton, head of Gilbert Scott infants, Croydon: "I was very encouraged to hear what Tony Blair said about parents recognising their responsibility.I feel that parents are confused about their role. Many of them want to be friends with their children but children need boundaries."

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