#ThisTeacherReads: What are you reading this half-term?

Hundreds celebrate half-term with #ThisTeacherReads

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Teachers spend hours reading the weird and wonderful stories written by their pupils. While these stories may be inventive, insightful and surprising, it does limit a teacher's ability to find the time to read the latest bestseller, long-time classic or niche novel they've been meaning to get around to for months.

But this week, hundreds of people are taking a stand and making that time to read – then taking to Twitter with #ThisTeacherReads to prove it.

So which books have made it on to your reading list?


So excited by the prospect of a week to spend some time reading in the sun #ThisTeacherReads @WyedeanEnglish @WyedeanLRC pic.twitter.com/O9c9wWvFyG

— Carina Smith (@CarinaSmith87) May 25, 2017


#ThisTeacherReads I am reading two books- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child AND. Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift. It's half term after all!

— Sandra (@sa_nd_ra) May 31, 2017


Next books on the half term reading list... #ThisTeacherReads pic.twitter.com/mJ7m1Qnz7F

— Mrs Duffy (@MrsDuffyEnglish) May 31, 2017


Just finishing this off. #ThisTeacherReads pic.twitter.com/7MAXDc9a0o

— Ian Ratcliffe (@Jaupua) May 30, 2017


Enjoying 'Anne with an E' so much I'm re-reading the book (for the zillionth time, but it's been quite a few years now). #thisteacherreads pic.twitter.com/Mi0VP1swcE

— Lesley Taylor (@LaoisgirlLesley) May 30, 2017


It's half term. And whilst I have marking standardisation to do at some point #thisteacherreads because #reading is important and fun! pic.twitter.com/Syvfp3ueZk

— Dr. Charlotte Bell (@cslbell) May 30, 2017


#ThisTeacherReads First book of half term finished pic.twitter.com/aXqfqT44pu

— Miss Pleaden (@MissPleaden) May 29, 2017



This is the life #thisteacherreads #halftermishere pic.twitter.com/chZANNibuu

— Katherine Weston (@kwest91) May 26, 2017

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