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A threshold assessor calls...

Last week a threshold assessor visited my school and passed judgment on some of the finest people I have ever worked with.

I wondered if she was an ex-teacher. If not, then why was she attempting to judge people whose skills and commitment she would find impossible to appreciate. If so, then why had she taken the disloyal step of joining those who say yes or no on the basis of a paper-driven lottery? She was supporting whatis probably the most iniquitous system ever to hit our profession. Many teachers have felt dragged into this process, using unpaid time completing a multi-page document, the electronic version of which is, at best, user-unfriendly.

This scheme will ultimately divide staffrooms in a way no other development has ever done.

Kevin Taylor

388A Hatfield Road

St Albans, Hertfordshire

See Briefing, 23

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