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Value for money

Roy Pryke (TES Letters, May 4) seems proud that this school buys back Pounds 3,000-worth of services from Kent County Council.

His figure is exaggerated, but I shall forgive him that in his desperation to defend his anti-grant-maintained position.

Far more significant is the fact that this year we received additional funding of Pounds 45,019, which is the amount which Kent County Council used to hold back to provide "central services".

The latter included inflated salaries and company cars for administrators.

Mr Pryke's Pounds 3,000 represents less than 7 per cent of this figure. The remainder is now being spent elsewhere - in particular, it is being used to enhance the quality of education that we provide for our pupils.

Martin Broadley

Headteacher Ditton CE Junior School Aylesford, Kent

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