Laura Beatty

Active learning: make a drama out of teaching punctuation


Let’s face it, Spag can sometimes be a drag for students and teachers. To make the topic more engaging, Laura Beatty tried introducing ‘active learning’ – with some promising results

Make a drama out of punctuation

The Year 8 boys are all frozen in different positions. Some are mid karate chop, others have clenched fists punching the air. One is curled up in a ball and another is being suspended above the floor, supported by two students.

This is not a drama lesson, it’s an English lesson. And we’re not acting out a play, we’re learning about punctuation.

Whether we view it as the glue that holds our words together, the signposts indicating pace and direction or those little marks that cause continual bewilderment, there is no doubt that punctuation reduces confusion in writing.

It’s quite ...

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