Kester Brewin

'Classroom communication relies on the ritual'

Teaching is a form of communication that is about building worlds in the classroom, not merely ‘transmitting’ information, writes Kester Brewin

Teaching is about building worlds of discover in the classroom, writes Kester Brewin

During the recent half-term break, when the tide of emails had been stemmed and the legions of books and past papers had held their fire for a week while they built up ammunition for a fresh onslaught, I found one of those short, quiet moments of reflection on what the hell it was that this job was all about.

These moments can sometimes be accompanied by mental emojis of Munch’s work The Scream, but on this occasion I was lucky enough for it to coincide with my coming across a short thread of tweets from an academic in New York that drew me back to an essay I’d read long ago but since ...

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