Jessica Barnecutt

How comics can help students understand the deluge of data


Young people need to realise that the modern world runs on data, and it is often manipulated for political or financial gain, writes maths teacher Jessica Barnecutt. So, she trialled an approach that uses visual storytelling to explore the statistics of complex issues like migration

How comics can help students understand data

As the past couple of years have shown, knowing the data – and how to interpret it – can be a useful way of finding out what is really going on in the world.

Whether it involves political, corporate or, indeed, campaigner spin, using data to hide or transform a story has become common. Equipping our students with the necessary skills to call those falsehoods out is a key part of what we should be doing in schools, particularly in maths.

But how well do we do that? Data in maths is often seen just as a learning point: a core skill, and one that prepares students for a vital component of A ...

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