Keziah Featherstone

How to handle the interview lesson

Have high expectations, expect the unexpected and, above all, build a rapport with the children if you want to show your teaching skills in the best light, says Keziah Featherstone

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I need to start with a plea, because someone needs to tell you this and it looks as if it is going to fall to me: for the love of God, do not start your interview lesson off by asking the children to make name plates for their desks or giving them stickers to write their names on. Not only does it waste a whole heap of precious time, you’re unlikely to impress staff at your new school when they find your stickers all over a display cabinet later in the day. Phew. Now I feel better. 

So, the interview lesson. It’s a curious snapshot of your teaching on which so much can rest. You wouldn’t have ...

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