Clare Jarmy

How learning to drive made me a better teacher

Teachers often find themselves up against a brick wall, in the form of a pupil who insists they simply can’t do a task. When simple encouragement merely fuels their frustration, the answer is to put yourself in their seat and consider their position empathetically, writes Clare Jarmy

How driving improved my teaching

Helping a student who struggles can bring elation and despair, hope and hopelessness in equal measure. And our belief in our students is frequently met by their total lack of self-belief.

I have a student who thinks she’s failing. Teaching her is draining because, whatever I say or do, it seems as though she believes all progress to be impossible. Every time she is faced with a task that is outside her comfort zone – and it seems that is most tasks – her instant reaction is to exclaim, loudly, that she can’t do it. When given something to read, she says she can’t read. When given something ...

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