Kenny Pieper

Let’s talk about the good stuff happening in schools

Amid all the doom and gloom about Scotland’s performance in the Pisa rankings, it’s easy to forget that our education system has an awful lot to be proud of

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And, woe, we did revel in the Pisa disaster. We were rubbish and getting worse. Curriculum for Excellence was a failure. We were happy to see bandied about in the media phrases such as “all-time low” and “plunged” – referring to the rankings produced by the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa).

And, of course, it is bad. To think that fewer of Scotland’s children are reaching competent levels of literacy is unacceptable. However, the hyperbole of such language doesn’t help. Political outrage merely gets in the way; politicians merely get in the way. Pisa tells a story but a ...

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