John Rutter

A Marvel-lous way to boost reading in schools

Comics, once viewed as ‘the death of reading’ and frowned upon in the classroom, have now been shown to enhance memory and may actually be a more effective teaching tool than a textbook. Head John Rutter explains why he can’t get enough of them

How teachers can use comics to get school students engaged in reading

I should start by admitting that I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to comics, and have been for a long time. I was not around in the 1950s – the heyday of British comics – when The Beano and The Dandy sold in their millions and more than 600,000 buyers thrilled to the adventures of Dan Dare (“Pilot of the Future”) in The Eagle. I started later, initially with the Marvel Comics reprints of superhero stories, such as Hulk and Spider-Man, before being completely seduced by the violent and anarchic 2000 AD in September 1980. I have not looked back since.

Sometimes I suffered ridicule ...

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