Zofia Niemtus

Put your mind at rest this summer


With the holidays ahead, teachers are ready for a well-earned rest. But what does ‘rest’ really mean, asks Zofia Niemtus

When you're a teacher, what is the secret to having a truly restful summer holiday?

At first it seems so far away, a mirage of peace in a desert of chaos. Almost not worth thinking about. But then it starts to get closer and you can hardly think of anything else. It’s nearly the summer holidays. It’s nearly the moment when you can finally rest.

Come that first week of the holidays, will you be fully starfished on the sofa, phone in hand, Netflix on in the background, surrounded by an array of snacks? Or perhaps you see yourself out in nature, walking up a hill, sweaty and short of breath, awed by the wonders of the landscape unfolding in front of you? Or maybe you are ...

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