Loic Menzies & Abi Angus

School exclusions: what’s really happening?


Anecdote and opinion dominate debates about children’s exclusion from school. But what does the evidence say about how we should approach this divisive issue? Loic Menzies and Abi Angus attempt to get to the bottom of what we know about exclusion, whom it affects and why

School exclusions: What is really happening in terms of exclusions and off-rolling?

The children’s commissioner absolutely wants to see exclusion down to nothing and off-rolling not happen, and to do that we need to work with the entire profession.”

When Rachel de Souza uttered this sentence last month within weeks of being appointed children’s commissioner, a familiar battle re-emerged on social media and in staffrooms. The old arguments for and against exclusion were rolled out once more, with the same people on the same sides they had always been on. No one was changing their mind.

Many of these arguments can feel frustratingly hollow, with anecdotes and selective ...

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