School trips don’t have to be a pain in the arts

We all appreciate the importance of school trips, but taking pupils out of lessons impacts on their studies, and schools face the cost of bringing in supply teachers as cover. So what’s the solution? Let’s set aside a block of time at the end of term for trips, and let’s pay teachers if they have to take students out after hours, argues Katherine Burrows

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It is the start of the school day and I am going through my emails while drinking a hastily prepared mug of coffee. As I filter through messages about data analysis (red star that), parent communications (best dealt with when you are not in a rush), and duty rotas (will I eat at all today?), one email catches my eye. The subject heading is “Read only if you teach Year 11” and my heart sinks a little.

As I open the main body of the email and read the opening sentence – “Apologies for the late notice, but…” – my heart drops even further.

It reads: “The following students will be leaving at ...

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