Lauran Hampshire-Dell

What’s a whiteboard for, anyway?


Every classroom has a whiteboard – but do you really know how to get the most out of it? And have you ever been trained in the best ways to use one? Lauran Hampshire-Dell realised that she did not and had not – and that the same went for most other teachers. So, how should we be using whiteboards?

What's a whiteboard, anyway?

I was 10 years old when a whiteboard appeared in my classroom. Suddenly, the days of rainbow-hued chalk dust lingering in the air were gone; the thrill of being allowed to annotate OHP sheets was no more. Instead, there was this inert, wipeable white rectangle. It was alien, untrustworthy, and I was completely in its power.

It was not until I was finishing secondary school that I got my first look at an interactive whiteboard. I was impressed; how couldn’t this improve teaching? Imagine being able to save notes and use the internet in lessons! To me, it was as monumental a change as the ...

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