Why can’t schools cope with stepparents?

Hundreds of thousands of pupils today are part of a stepfamily – so why don’t schools know how to deal with stepparents? Lucy Rycroft-Smith describes how her partner has been frozen out by her children’s teachers as a result of schools’ outdated attitudes towards so-called ‘broken homes’

Why can't schools cope with stepparents?

I hold my breath as my daughter, aged 10, nocks up an arrow and leans backwards into the tautness of the string, drawing her bow arm back to her cheek.

She looks magnificent, and like she’s having the time of her life. She is fiercely focused, her biceps rippling in the sunlight. Beside her, my partner gently coaches: “Keep your feet planted, really steady, and look down the sightline. Release only when you feel still, on an out breath.”

A pause, pregnant with intensity. She looses the arrow and it spirals across the top of the target. The two of them laugh and high-five. “You did great,” he ...

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