Gail Haythorne

Why growth mindset should be a way of life

We all know that fear of failure can prevent some children from even trying. To tackle this problem, Gail Haythorne developed a whole-school ‘growth mindset’ approach to championing greater resilience among students and raising awareness that getting something wrong can actually help them to learn

A growth mindset could change it all

Ask any sixth-form tutor what the most frustrating point of their year is and they are bound to bring up the Ucas PS (that’s procrastination syndrome, by the way, not personal statement). It’s incredibly frustrating for teachers to see budding biologists and aspiring artists reluctant to put pen to paper for fear of producing something less than perfect.

Or consider the Year 7 girl in floods of tears when she misses out on a major role in the lower school play. Or the Year 9 student who tells you she is “just no good at French” and might as well drop it.

A lack of “grit” and a fear of ...

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