Kaley Riley

Why middle leaders need to rise up and disrupt

Often the people best placed to hold senior leaders to account are the layer of managers beneath them, says Kaley Riley, who advocates ‘positive disruption’ by questioning decisions and offering alternatives

Why middle leaders need to rise up and disrupt

How often do you openly disagree with your line manager? As a middle leader in a school, there is often an expectation that you will be a “yes” (wo)man to the senior leadership team. In my experience, this is the opposite of what an effective middle leader should be.

Middle leaders are crucial. We are the ones with our fingers in all the pies: we teach, we are form tutors, we oversee curriculum, we plan CPD, we cover lessons, we set cover for cover lessons. The list is endless. It is our job to be a teacher as well as a leader and, as such, we are well-placed to challenge or question the ...

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