Susan Ward

Why school assemblies still have a place in modern education

The school assembly used to be a collective act of worship. Now, it’s about singing from the same hymn sheet in an entirely different way, depute head Susan Ward argues. And far from being an outdated relic, this weekly gathering is a vital opportunity to strengthen our educational communities

Assembly: Let's build something together

Assemblies and schools go together. The school assembly is a permanent fixture, so much so that moving or cancelling it creates a day-muddling crinkle in the otherwise smooth running of the weekly timetable. It is part of the fabric of school life, as much a feature of the environment as the bell or playground scuffles. But what is it all about, really?

What purpose do assemblies serve and who really benefits (or suffers) from these regularly scheduled sessions? Once synonymous with religious observance, do assemblies still have a place in secular schools? In an increasingly crowded ...

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