Kester Brewin

Why teachers should embrace their inner pirate

You don’t need to brandish a cutlass and shout ‘arrr’ to recognise the enduring fascination pirates hold for children. But, avast ye, teacher folk, says Kester Brewin, there’s more to this swashbuckling obsession than meets the eye(patch) – there’s even some educational bounty to be had if you embrace your inner pirate

Schools for scallywags

As my son was progressing through primary school, there didn’t seem to be a week that went by without his being invited to a pirate-themed birthday party. He and his friends would lunge at each other with cutlasses, or take turns to be blindfolded and forced to “walk the plank”.

He has never been invited to an aggravated-robbery-themed party (though he’s now a teenager, so who knows if this might change?), nor to one in which the central characters are brutal and violent men known for pillage and murder. So, what is it with pirates? Why have such a barbaric group of people come to occupy ...

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