Scott Hayden

Why we brought body cameras into our classroom

When his college was invited to trial a set of body cameras, Scott Hayden chose not to use them for security but to enhance the learning experience. He explains the many benefits of students using them to record themselves practising their skills, to review each other’s work and to revise

Why we use body cameras in the classroom

If you ask most people to think of someone wearing a body camera, they will imagine a high-pressure, emergency environment: the police, fire brigade or army, perhaps.

But for the past few months, we’ve been using body cameras in our classes to help to improve teaching and learning.

The idea first came to me after I got my car serviced last year. The mechanic sent a video showing what had to be done to my car and why. It made me think that our automotive students should generate evidence in class to show what they are doing.

My mind soon wandered to other areas of the curriculum. I ...

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