Donna Carlyle

Why you'd be barking to dismiss school pets

Class pets are nothing new, but having a canine confidante for children leads to some surprising emotional benefits – and there’s a pile of research to prove it, writes Donna Carlyle

School pets have a positive impact on pupils' wellbeing, research shows

At a primary school in the North East of England, there is one member of the class with whom everybody wants to be friends: Ted.

It’s no surprise that every pupil wants to hang out with him. He is easy to get along with, full of energy and always has a positive attitude. But what is surprising is that Ted is not a child: he’s a dog. And while Ted might not be able to follow along with phonics lessons and times-tables drills, he has an important role to play in the classroom: improving children’s wellbeing.

The research about the benefits of bringing animals into school is now well ...

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