Zofia Niemtus

Wy wee r getin spellin rong

The way we teach spelling in schools is not matching, for the most part, what the research says should be happening. The emphasis should be on breaking words down and focusing on meaning, rather than memorisation – and, crucially, we should try to make spelling fun, says Zofia Niemtus

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You have probably seen the meme in which you are asked to read a section of text in which the letters in each word are in the wrong order (other than the first and last letters). Despite the letters being jumbled up, you are able to read the text quite comfortably. It claims to be a test based on University of Cambridge research. And it is often used as an argument as to why spelling is not as important as those pesky teachers make it out to be – “Look! It is all spelled incorrectly and yet we are reading it with ease!”

Alas, this meme – thought to have originated around 2003 – is not based on ...

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