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The bagpipe lament;Music for the Millennium


The musical life of British children is at risk, a major TES survey reveals. Dorothy Lepkowska reports

More than a third of children in Scotland received free music tuition, with most schools introducing charges only in the past year.

But they are less likely than their counterparts in Wales and Northern Ireland to be considered for subsidies if their families cannot afford to pay, according to The TES survey.

Eighty of the 83 schools in Scotland taking part in the survey said no changes were planned to the amount of time devoted to music, and two schools said they planned to increase it.

Scottish schools also place great importance on music in the general life of the schools, with almost 76 per cent of headteachers claiming that the subject is crucial or very important. Six out of ten said the same of its place as a curriculum subject.

A handful of schools responding to the survey complained, however, that bagpipe tuition for pupils had had to be cancelled because of a reduction in the number of tutors.

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