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Belfast - Pizza, love and understanding

A Belfast primary school has joined in celebrations for the European Day of Languages to help counter racist attitudes.

Each year group at Christ the Redeemer Primary School in Dunmurry was assigned a different country and pupils and teachers dressed up in their nation's colours or costumes.

Matt McGinley, a P6 teacher, organised the day and dressed up as a Greek warrior along with his toga-wearing pupils who "went to town" on their efforts, he said.

"In the last couple of months, Belfast has had a poor press for its dealings with the Romanian community. The message we wanted to get across was one of inclusion: it doesn't matter what language you speak."

In a spirit of appreciation of all things Italian, P3 pupils (aged six to seven) were taught pizza fractions while P1 pupils ate croissants for their break and learnt French songs.

A version of the Good Samaritan parable, in which each of the characters had different nationalities, was acted out by pupils at assembly.

The European Day of Languages is celebrated around Europe on September 26 each year. MR.

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