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Red herring (the real issues right now are)

SBF: McCormac is not great, there are some things that really look odd and some bits that are sensible, but let's get this in perspective - for teaching right now, the pension issue is the real issue.

It's time we woke up to this. Looking at pound;100+ per month more to pay. At least 3 years more to work. And getting less once you retire in lump sum and monthly pension. Sorry, but I don't fancy teaching till I'm 68. I see teachers in my school in their 60s right now and the thought of another 8 years is crazy.

Kibosh: If the McCormac review is implemented in full, no teacher will stay in the profession long enough to reach the ripe old age of 68. My money's backing care homes R us!

Dominie: The real issue is much more fundamental. Either teachers in Scotland will unite and refuse to be treated in this way or they will not. I don't mean form a single union. There's no way any of those who have left the EIS recently will return to it under its current leadership. I mean that ALL the unions need to stick together and defend Scottish education from the negative aspects of McCormac and unite with other UK unions to defend ourselves from the pension thieves.

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